To Be: Prince of Your Own Land

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013

To Be: Prince of Your Own Land

If you don’t have the opportunity to marry into a royal blood stream, there are several things you can do. First you could take over a country or buy an island and proclaim you are the king of the land. Anyone who disputes it would have to fight you for it – think back to The Lion King and you’ll get the picture. This can all be a bit messy: armies take a lot of time and effort, there can be a lot of upheaval to your daily routine, and there would be blood and guts to deal with and lots of crap to sort out.

Personally I would recommend looking into your family tree. You know the way we are all just six connections away from Kevin Bacon (or something like that) well, the same can go for you and a royal bloodline. My family tree shows I’m related to Che Guevara, Buffalo Bill and if I looked back far enough, with my name being Meleady, I am probably related to the Mealdhs – the three lads that came from Galicia, Spain who were the first three high kings of Ireland – Bingo! I am of royal blood!

If your family tree is not successful, then consider buying a rock or island with no inhabitants and proclaiming yourself the king or queen. I’m visiting the Saltee Islands today and discovered the family who owns them did just that:

In 1920, 10-year-old Michael Neale made a vow to his mother that one day he would own the Saltee Islands off the South East of Ireland and become their first Prince. Twenty-three years later in December 1943 he realised his dream. His coronation on the Great Saltee did not take place until July 1956.

A throne, flagstaff and obelisk were shipped to the Great Saltee, the obelisk bearing a plaque with his likeness in profile. The throne is a memorial to his mother and features a coat of arms and the following inscription:

This chair is erected in memory of my mother to whom I made a vow when I was ten-years-old that one day I would own the Saltee Islands and become the First Prince of the Saltees. Henceforth my heirs and successors can only proclaim themselves Prince of these Islands by sitting in this chair fully garbed in the robes and crown of the Islands and take the Oath of Succession – Michael the First.

The Obelisk is inscribed on all four faces

Nothing is impossible to the man who can, will, then do.
This is the only law of success. This monument was erected by Prince Michael the First as a symbol to all children that by hard work, perseverance, their dreams and ambitions may also be realised.

No man is free who does not set freedom above all else.

No state can be justified in encroachment on the God-given
rights of these Saltee Islands.

Let my successors guard and protect these Saltee Islands as a father would his children.

Michael and his wife Anne are buried in the family vault in Bannow Bay, Co Wexford. Michael’s eldest son, Michael II now carries the title of Prince of the Saltees.

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