Clearing The Way For A Fresh Start

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013

Clearing The Way For A Fresh Start

When you are getting ready to start something new, whether it be a business, fitness routine, or you just want to get motivated, the first step is to declutter. Most people have no idea how much their clutter affects them. It is only when you start clearing it out that you realise how much better you feel without it.

Jo Ebisujima of My Organised Chaos runs online courses to help people declutter and organise their chaos. Listen to the Life Is Short Magazine podcast interview with Jo or view the interview on YouTube and get your new project and year off to a flying start!

Five signs you could be suffering from Clutter Chaos:

1. Clutter causes tiredness and lethargy, blocking the energy flow in your home and body. Clearing it releases new vitality in your home, office and body.

2. Clutter can keep you in the past and stop you moving forward with a project. Clearing it makes room for a better start.

3. Clutter is a distraction. It encourages procrastination and causes confusion. Clearing clutter helps you to focus and get things done faster.

4. Clutter can make your body and mind stagnant and less motivated, so it can contribute to weight gain!

5. Junk can make you feel ashamed and less open to allowing new positive people into your life, as it can make you feel reluctant to invite new clients into your office or friends into your home. So clearing clutter can help your self-esteem.

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