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Life Is Short Magazine is about people who choose to do life differently. They are the type of people you would like to share a long lunch with in a little backstreet where no one else speaks English. They share how they do what they do, so if it is something you desire to do, you know how you can do it too.

Each current issue of the  magazine is free to view. The format is experimental, with multi-media delivery through video, audio, text and lots of visuals. The reader can choose their favorite way of enjoying the content.

Through my interviews with amazing people and sharing inspiring ideas I hope to inspire all you desire in life.

About Rosie Meleady

In my 20s, I created a multi-million dollar non-profit magazine which gave instant financial support to the homeless and long-term unemployed, while showing people how easy it was to make a difference in the world by small actions; whether it was donating a pencil to a child soldier in Sierra Leone or buying a magazine from a homeless vendor. (IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE DETAIL ABOUT THIS CLICK HERE)

rosie meleadyAt 21 I was given the gold President’s Award by President Mary Robinson for starting the street magazine and then in 1996, at 24 I became the youngest woman to receive the International Women In Publishing New Venture Award. I couldn’t go to the prestigious award ceremony in London as I decided it would be a good day to give birth to my daughter!

In my 30s I created an inspirational magazine for hospital patients and Ireland’s first glossy health and lifestyle magazine aimed at inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives. I also taught magazine production at third-level, published some books, started a wedding planning business, was an international correspondent for a cult magazine, created online magazines and guides for businesses, was a director of a PR company and I created a massively successful viral campaign called The Ultimate Job In the World. It was also a decade of upheaval and some, not so nice, life experiences for me.

Now I am older and wiser and life has settled into a happy blur living with my husband, two children and three dogs in the Irish countryside. I’ve started my 40s and I feel it’s time for me to start sharing the stuff I know and indulge in my passions – writing, travel, mentoring and inspiring others.

Through my Magazine Creation Academy I want to show people how to create online magazines that they can use as commercial entities, to create incomes for themselves to improve their own lives, share their passions and use them to help other people change their lives for the better.

I developed Life is Short Magazine, as a teaching tool for my Magazine Creation Academy but it has since developed a life of its own.

Life Is Short Magazine is a combination of previous publications I’ve done – inspiring you to live the life of your desires by showing you how other people have done it already and to show you ways of living your life to the full no matter what it throws at you.

(If you want to read more about the magazines I created and other stuff click here)

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